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How Can You Make Your Hair Topper Look Natural?

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Update time : 2022-08-19 12:45:08

With the growth of age or the emergence of great pressure in life, our hair begins to become thinner or succumb to hair loss. Do you want the hair on the top of your head to look full? Do you want to hide your thinning hair? Hair toppers are a perfect choice because they can help you solve these problems. Maybe you are interested in it, but you are a beginner and don’t know how to make your hair toppers look perfectly natural. So in this article, we will tell you how can you make your hair topper look natural.

1. What are hair toppers?



A hair topper, sometimes known as a half wig or top piece, is a hairpiece that usually only covers the top portion of the head. They help to cover the different stages of the head that are exposed due to various stages of hair loss. Depending on the coverage you need, the size of hair toppers will usually vary. You can pick up the right size according to your demands.

2. How to make your hair topper look more natural?


If you already have a hair topper, you must be wondering how to make it look more natural. Now there are a lot of methods for you to make your hair toppers look perfectly natural.

2.1 Pick up suitable hair toppers size



In order to make your hair toppers more natural, you need to choose hair toppers that are corresponding to your head size. Because it will look more flattering and have a high degree of realism, which gives people a very natural feeling.

2.2 Trim your hair toppers



Most hair toppers will need to be trimmed after purchasing to match your hair length and unique style. It is extremely necessary for you to customize your hair toppers by trimming them because this will help it best into your own natural hair.

There is one thing you need to pay special attention to: if you are not confident in trimming your hair toppers, you can consult stylists. And they may help you trim and style your hair toppers until it exactly meets your needs and expectations.

2.3 Keep your hair toppers clean



It is crucial for hair toppers to keep them clean. If your hair toppers are very dirty, it will have a negative impact on their look, which gives people a feeling that it is very unnatural. Not to mention tangles and knots, which can make them look more unnatural, and give people a bad feeling.

So you need to wash your hair toppers regularly by using a gentle shampoo and conditioner that are designed for hair toppers. Only in this way can you make hair toppers keep clean. And keeping hair toppers clean can make them look perfectly natural.

2.4 Use a wide tooth comb



The wide tooth comb has a large distance between the teeth, and the friction force on the hair is small, which can prevent hair toppers from being damaged as little as possible. It can make hair toppers look natural. And the teeth of the wide tooth comb work like bristles into a hair topper, making it look more realistic and natural. In addition, combing your hair with the comb before it dries can help add volume to the hair.

2.5 Choose a proper color



Choosing a proper color is especially necessary to make hair toppers look natural. You need to select a hair topper color similar to your natural hair color, which can make your hair look more realistic. But it doesn’t matter if you choose a color that is not close. Because hair toppers are made of human natural hair, you can compare it with your natural color and then dye the topper or tone it to match your hair perfectly. This can make your hair topper look more natural and realistic.

2.6 Don’t apply excessive force to hair toppers



Applying excessive force to a hair topper will damage it, which causes it more unnatural and unrealistic. So if you want to keep the natural look of hair toppers, you should not put extra force on them, and you need to pay more attention to them when you take care of them because they are weaker than your natural hair.

2.7 Protect your hair toppers away from sunlight



As we all know, hair toppers can make us have different styles. But we should protect them away from sunlight. Because sunlight not only damages our skin, but also it can damage our hair toppers. It will make hair toppers become dry and fade. You had better keep away from sunlight in order to make hair toppers perfectly natural.

2.8 Keep your hair topper dry before going to bed



You should dry your hair before going to bed for keeping hair toppers more natural. If you go to bed with wet hair, your hair topper may get tangled and knotted, and it may take a long time for you to brush them out. This not only wastes your time but also can damage hair toppers, which can make them look more unnatural. So you need to dry your hair before going to bed.

2.9 Store your hair toppers correctly



If your hair topper is not in use, you should clean it up and put it on the wig holder or wrap it in silk or stain, which can prevent your hair toppers from damaging. There is one thing that is worth your attention: you should store it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight and moisture. So you had better store hair toppers correctly in order to keep hair toppers more natural.



There are several methods for you to study how to make your hair toppers more natural. You can’t just look, you need to learn. Only in this way can you better grasp the knowledge. Hair toppers are the best choice for beginners because they are easy to install and especially lighter compared to other wigs. So please click here to choose the right hair toppers for yourself.

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