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How Do You Keep A Lace Wig From Lifting?

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Update time : 2022-03-10 10:58:28

Why Does My Wig Keep Lifting?

When it comes to why my lace frontal is lifting, there can be various reasons. Now, we list some common reasons why your wig is lifting. Take a look at them and see if any of them is right for you.

1.Wig glue is not enough;

2.You sweat so much;


3.You are in a humid area.

4.Some water gets on the edges when you are washing your face or you are showering.

How To Fix Lifting Lace Frontal?

If your lace closure begins to lift and you can’t make it in for a replacement, there are some easy steps about how to fix a lifting lace.

What you will need:

A Bottle Of 91% Alcohol;

Paper Towel/ cotton swab;

Wig Glue/ holding spray;

A blow dryer;

A silk scarf;

Step 1

soak a little bit of 91% alcohol on a paper towel or a cotton swab and then raise the front of the lace until all the glue is coming off. And use your finger to separate the wig cap from the wig.

Step 2

Soak a little bit of 91% alcohol on a paper towel or a cotton swab and put it on the lace to clean the lace until all the glue is moving off from the lace.

Step 3

Lift up the loosen closure at the frontal wig, take a dime-sized amount of spiking glue on your finger and rub it into the scalp just under the front part of the wig.

Step 4

Add another layer of spiking glue after it dries for a few seconds. Once it feels tacky, add another layer of the glue again. You can also spray a bit of holding spray under the edge of the closure. Spritz it at the edge of the lace onto your skin rather than your hair, and let it dry enough to feel tacky.


Step 5

Hold the wig in place for a few minutes with your hand by pressing down on the front part near the hairline so that it melts and sticks.

Step 6

Use a blow dryer at a cool set to let the lace stick to your hairline. If you don’t want to hold it in place with your hand, tie a silk scarf over the area to keep it in place.

Step 7

Take the scarf off after 15-20 minutes and spray on a bit of the product right along the hairline in order to better secure the lace front wig on your head. Once you find there is any loose in front of the wig on your forehead, lift it up and spray a bit again along the closure.


There is a video about how to fix lace closure wig that is lifting for you as a reference.


As we all know, installation using wig adhesive tends to shift around 3-4 weeks. In other words, whenever your lace begins to lift, or your natural edges are exposed, and unable to blend with your hairline, please consider taking it off from your head for a replacement.

How To Keep Your Lace Frontal From Lifting?

Except for how to fix a lifting lace closure, we also prepare some hacks about how to keep lace wig from lifting.

1. Make sure that your skin is free of oil and sweaty before installing a lace front wig. That is because oil on your skin will lead to your lace wig lifting and reducing the length of time that your wig remains attached.

Therefore, you can use 91% alcohol to remove any oil from the perimeter of your hairline before installing a lace front wig.

Although 99% alcohol works as well, it may be harsh to your skin. Compared to 91% alcohol,99% alcohol is better suited to remove adhesive from your lace as opposed to your skin.

2. If you work out often, or if you sweat a lot, it is best for you to apply a water-resistant adhesive. After all, the Got2B Glued or any other make-shift lace adhesive is a temporary fix that will only hold your lace down for 2-3 days.

If you sweat too often, It won’t even last that long so that the lace will lift off your head! Thus, please always use a water-resistant adhesive for long-lasting flawless results.

Not only A water-resistant adhesive can make the lace won’t lift no matter how much you sweat, but also will also allow you to slay a frontal in the pool or at the beach.

3. Keep your hairline tied down with an elastic melt band during rest periods, which can reduce daily maintenance to some extent.

4. Do a skin test in advance. Some people are allergic to the chemicals used to keep a humna hair wig in place. So it is very important to do a skin test to determine whether or not you are allergic.

First, dab a small amount of liquid adhesive or double-sided wig tape onto the back of your hand. Next, observe the adhesive for at least twenty-four hours.

If the skin becomes red or irritated, purchase a hypoallergenic wig tape or adhesive instead. If the skin is unaffected, you can safely wear the wig.

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