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What Is Hair Grease & What Are Benefits Of Using Hair Grease

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What Is Hair Grease

Hair grease is also known as special Adam, also known as Petroleum, as aliphatic ranch hydrocarbon. So what does that even mean? It is a molecule with a bunch of carbons and is relatively big. The shape and the size of an ingredient or a chemical compound will determine this going to penetrate to the hair or the skin or just thing on the top surface of the wholesale hair wig or the skin. 


Does Hair Grease Clog Pores Of The Scout? 

No, it does not, because it is an aliphatic branch hydrocarbon, it is actually too big to get into the pores and penetrate into the scalp. So therefore, it just stays on the layer, the top layer of the skin or the top layer of our scalp which is skin. 


What Are The Effects Of Hair Grease On The Scalp

In the case of those who have a dry style, hair greaseis a great option because it's really good at fighting dry scalp. On the flip side, if you have dandruff, then stay away from hair grease because dandruff is the makeup of having too much oil buildup in the follicle, which allows us to produce too much dead skin, cells, dandruff. So if you're in that camp, definitely stay clear of that, but if your scalp is just straight-up dry like no dandruff but just dryness, then hair grease is a great solution. 


Only Sulfates Remove Hair Grease?

A huge rumor is that the only way to remove hair grease from your hair or your scalp is to use a shampoo that has a sulfate in it. That is not true, it's effectively a sulfate shampoo but I stopped the only thinning surfactant that you can use, you can use Cocamidopropyl Betaine, you can also use Sodium C4-C16 Olefin Sulfonate which is a really good pending surfactant that is known for cleansing the hair and the scalp from product build-up including hair grease. And on top of that, depending on your hair care regimen, you should already be clarifying your scalp in your hair at least once a month, you can be doing this with apple cider vinegar rinses or raw school clay or bentonite clay. 


How To Use Hair Grease?

How to effectively use it in your hair care regimen if you so choose to? The size of it: It's so large, it's not going to penetrate to the scalp and it's not going to fit right into the hair. Therefore, it is going to be a protecting oil and a fence. So it's gonna be great for sealing and moisture. 

Just spritz water on your hair, shred up water on your hair or even make like a conditioner mix where you have like conditioner in your spray bottle and then a bunch of water in the spray bottle, shake it up, milky looking and spray that on your hair and then seal all that moisture in with hair grease. If you do a braid out or twist out the next morning you unravel it's gonna be so defined, so soft, so shiny so, moisturized. So that's another great way to use hair grease and on your scalp, if you have a dry scalp you can use it, if you have a regular style and don't have a dry. don't have dandruff, use it sometime on your scalp as well.

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