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How Many Bundles You Need To Start A Hair Company?

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Update time : 2021-11-16 20:59:37

Order Samples

Order samples from different vendors to discover the reliable hair quality
Sampling is one of the most imperative steps to starting a hair company and meaning hair bundles in the beginning reason being are because you're not going to order 10+ bundles from a hair vendor that you don't know has a certain type of product, so you need to do sampling in the beginning. We do suggest always sample from multiple vendors at once, so you can compare and figure out which hair vendor you're going to choose. After sampling, you need to go into ordering bundles - the step for ordering hair to start a hair company is not ordering your inventory.
Pre-Order Option

Place orders with your vendor as your customers place orders with you
If you are a hairstylist, you know exactly what your regular customers are wanting as far as textures and length, so go ahead and buy you know what they want; but if you have no idea like you literally do not know how many bundles to buy and which structures to get just hold off, we always advise doing the pre-order option. By doing the pre-order option, gives you the ability to place orders with your vendor as customers or placing orders with you, and gradually over time, you will be able to realize what your customers actually like. 
Pay Attention To Customer Activity

This will help you determine which textures and lengths to buy
With the pre-order, you are collecting this data, then you will be able to start investing in the stock. If your customers prefer the length 20 through 22 and they also really like straight hair and wavy hair but there are only buying curly Brazilian hair, and you will know that you should have more straight hair and more baby here than curly hair and you should have length 20 to 24 and 26, it's all dependent on what your customers buying. But if you don't have a customer base and you have no idea what your customer line, so take time to see what your customers are actually buying you pay attention to customer activity and that will be an indication of what length and textures you should invest into for your company.

Finding out whether you are going to be drop shipping or ordering inventory
We don't suggest you go the inventory way at the beginning of your business, but recommend that you do purchase at least 10 hair bundles being inches - 12 inches through 28 inches set to one of each texture. So drop shipping is simply when a company packs and ships your orders for you. If you have custom branding, they'll utilize that. But it basically takes the place of you having to pack all of your orders every day and relieve your worries about shipping (like worrying about if you are out of town, how are your customers going to get their orders?), It takes the stress off of you. When it comes to all of those things, you're more able to focus on the marketing piece of that. So drop shipping is really great for those people who are either just getting started and you don't really have a lot of orders coming in. It takes away that part of you having to invest a ton of money into inventory and then possibly sitting on thousands of dollars worth of inventory because you're not able to get it sold. Dropshipping is for those people who are always on the go, and they really just don't have time to pack and ship orders, and they want to focus strictly on creating content and marketing available for their audience for their business. 
Create A Website

Create a hair selling website on, or
Once you've set that up and you know that you can do the per order option with your vendor you now have the go-ahead to have a website pull all textures in all lengths that are available on the website and align your customers to choose from. You can build up a website with Shopify or WordPress or Wix. People tend to gravitate towards Wix or Shopify, because they're a little bit easier to set up, however, WordPress is actually cheaper. With a website, you don't have to deal with customers constantly asking you questions in regards to what touches are available, which links are available, or how much is this X Y & Z. You know the website will eliminate those questions, you will easily be able to just direct your customers to your website and they can go check out everything that they want to find out through there. 
Find Packaging On Sites

Get custom hair packaging on,, or
Beyond having a website are also going to want to make sure that you definitely have your custom hair packaging in stock. You do not want to send customers the hair in the packaging that comes from your vendors go ahead. Have packaging that fits your brand, it doesn't have to be the most intricate and fanciest packaging in the world just fine packaging the picture of your brand. 
Once you've received your hair from the vendor, take it out of the packaging, do whatever you have to do to such as wash it, label it and put it inside the packaging, and ship it off to your customer.
Be Mindful of the Shipping Times You Quote

Give yourself time and be honest with your customer
Because you were doing the pre-order option, you're going to want to keep in mind that shipping time is not going to be as fast as it would be if you had to here in stock, that being said, make sure that on your website you have policies in place a lot of customers to understand and know that they will have to wait. You don't have to straight up and say this is a pre-order option, you can't tell them it's a printer option but just let them know like shipping is going to be 7 to 10 days of processing. Make sure that you are aware of how long it takes for the hair to get from your vendor to you so that you know how much time you need to quote your customer and always give yourself time - if it takes 2 to 3 days to get the hair from your vendor don't quote your customer that the hair will get there in two-three days but tell them 5 to 7 days, you always going to give yourself time because life happens and things changes.
If you are looking for a hair vendor that can provide both high-quality and reliable dropshipping, will be your preferred partner. Contact us now for more information!



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