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How To Choose Bangs Wigs - Disadvantages Of Air Bangs Wigs

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Update time : 2022-01-22 07:52:42

How To Choose Bangs Wigs

First look at the material of bangs wigs and try to choose real hair, because real hair is not easy to knot or bifurcate, and can be ironed and dyed. It will also be more natural when worn, and it will not appear abrupt when matched with your own hair. Chemical fiber wigs may not work so well.


Disadvantages Of Air Bangs Wigs

If you don't buy a wig with good quality, it may cause that the bangs wig is not natural enough to wear. When it is modeled with its own hair, this different hair will be entangled, and the process of separating them will hurt the hair.


How To Wear Bangs Wigs

First, divide your hair on the side or in the middle, and fix the hair on both sides with clips. Then buckle the bangs wig on the forehead and fix it. Finally, comb your hair with a comb, cover the nodes of the hairpin and banged wig naturally with your own hair, and wear it. Split the hair in the middle, smooth the long hair by hand and fix it with a black fine hairpin, and fix the other side with a hairpin. Take out the bangs of the wig, buckle it on the forehead and fix it. At this time, the banged wig has been brought up, but it doesn't look real enough. Comb your hair with a comb and naturally cover the nodes of the hairpin and banged wig with your own hair.


Can Fringe Wigs Be Repaired If They Are Not Straight

Sure. In addition to wigs made of chemical fiber materials, wigs made of other materials can be recovered if they are not straight. The high-temperature silk wig with good quality can be straightened with a low-temperature splint. Note that the splint temperature should not be too high. The wig with real hair can also be blown freely. If you are afraid that you can't handle it well, you can find a professional barber shop to help. The China top wig company honesthairfactory offers the best quality human hair wigs.


How Long Will The Wig Last

Wigs are common in life, because wigs can be divided into high-end wigs and low-end wigs. Therefore, the service life of low-end wigs is usually about 1 year due to classification, and problems can not be repaired. High-end wigs are handmade and have a service life of about 3 years. Its life span is related to working environment and nursing methods.


Can I Use A Curling Stick For Bangs Wigs

This needs to be divided into different situations. There are two kinds of wigs on the market. One is a wig made of human hair cut. This kind of wig can be ironed with a curling stick. The other is a wig made of man-made fiber. This wig is not resistant to high temperatures and cannot be ironed with a curling stick.


How To Manage Bangs

First, spray on bangs with a small spray, then roll up the fringe with curled sticks. After the bangs are rolled up, blow them quickly with a hairdryer. Then loosen your curling stick and you'll see the bangs curling up. This is done by hand, then spray a little spray. Bangs can stay in good shape whole day.

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