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What is a Hair Weave - Difference Between Wigs and Weaves

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What is a Hair Weave?

Hair weave or hair bundle is a kind of physical additional issuance. It is to weave the hair on a specific bottom, and its material has the characteristics of air permeability and perspiration. In terms of hair selection, we choose human hair. After disinfection, we make appropriate hair weave according to individual hair loss area, color, face shape, temperament, etc. Popular understanding, it can be said to be a high-grade hair wig. A weave is a form of hair extension. Wigs are used to completely cover the hair, but hair extensions are used to increase the length and volume of the hair.


Hair weave is named after its weaving method because it hooks human hair one by one on the base material in the form of artificial. It is mainly used for hair loss people, that is, how much to take off and how much to make up. Now, whether it is baldness, sparse hair, all white hair, or even just going to change the hairstyle, it can be achieved by weaving hair. Because the hair is woven on the bottom membrane and not implanted into the human scalp, it is safe and risk-free. After the completion of weave and hair replacement, and then after pruning and hair design, your image can be greatly changed in a short time. is a reliable and professional OEM, providing human hair weave wholesale to America (USA), Europe, and worldwide areas.


How Long Can a Weave Last?

The service life of hair weave is related to wearing time and maintenance and washing. 


As for the wearing time, our demand for weaves is different. Some personnel needs weave s because their hair is scarce. Then such people wear weave s for a long time. Basically, they need to wear weave in front of outsiders. However, some people only buy weaves to change their hairstyle occasionally, so such people don't use weaves for a long time. It can be said that the combined use time of several years is very short. Therefore, when such use time is calculated according to the number of times, the service life of this hair must be very long. About maintenance and washing, maintenance also plays a decisive role. When we are using our hair, timely maintenance and cleaning are very necessary, otherwise, it will seriously affect the change of hair quality and service life of our hair. When we use it for a period of time, we should learn to maintain our hair properly. No matter in washing or daily care, you can't deal with it at will. In this way, even if the quality of hair weaving is very good, the service life will not be very long. Although some people use hair weave frequently because such people pay more attention to maintenance, they will carry out appropriate maintenance when the weave is taken off every day, so the life of hair weave used by such people must be very long. However, if we do not pay attention to maintenance, the depreciation degree of weave is still obvious even if they are not used for a long time. Therefore, no matter what kind of hair texture we buy, we can't ignore the relationship between use and maintenance, which are the factors that determine the life of hair.


Difference Between Wigs and Weaves

1.  Hair weave is made from real human hair with high similarity to the original hair of the customer, and wigs can be made of synthetic or natural hair. 

2.  Weaves need to be sewn in the invisible and breathable simulated scalp or with the real hair manually and fixed at the required part by various connection methods. The wig is the hair simply worn on the head, can be put on and taken off easier. 

3.  Hair weaves are usually used as extensions to add volume or length, and wigs can completely cover all of your natural hair. 

4.  Generally, a wig is cheaper than a weave or other form of hair replacement. 

5.  A wig consists of a cap with hair attached to it, a weave is pieces of hair woven or glued to people’s own hair.

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