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What is Cuticle Hair - Benefits and Purposes of Cuticle Hair

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What is Cuticle Hair?

Hair cuticle forms a scaly protective layer to protect the interior of each hair. The cuticle of the hair is hard and transparent. Each stratum corneum overlaps each other like a tile and extends to the end of each hair. Dead cells form scales and stratum corneum. In addition to protecting the inner layer of the hair, the cuticle also controls how much water the hair can absorb. The luster on many people's hair can be attributed to their cuticle cells. The extension of human hair usually looks more natural than synthetic materials. The cuticle of the hair is the outermost layer of a strand of hair. If viewed under a microscope, this layer looks like tiles on the roof or scales of snakes. One layer overlaps on another layer, and they lie flat in the same direction, creating a smooth, soft, and generally natural and healthy appearance. Cuticle hair is the highest quality human hair used in the manufacture of hair products, because its cuticle is still intact, making it shiny, natural appearance, and easy to model.


After chemical treatment of hair, the cuticle will change. Hair color, chemical relaxants, and permanent solutions can improve the scales of the hair cuticle in order to enter the cortex. It also causes damage to the stratum corneum. For optimal hair cuticle care, hair should not be pulled or tightly tied. Carding shall be thorough and gentle, and accessories should not cause strain. Hair should not be washed every day, but if necessary, use cuticle-specific repair essence or conditioner.


What is Cuticle Hair Used for - Benefits and Purposes of Cuticle Hair

Cuticle hair is often used to make wigs and hair extensions. This type of hair will not damage the cuticle due to excessive modeling or chemical processing. Because it is flat, reflects light, looks, and feels like real hair, it can produce the highest quality hair products. Cuticle hair is usually used for hair extension. In most cases, cuticle hair is collected during a regular haircut and from people who choose to donate hair in the salon. Some companies accept human hair in order to provide this material to manufacturers of high-quality artificial hair products. Virgin hair or hair that has never been chemically treated is the most ideal cuticle hair. However, healthy hair with a smooth cuticle is also valuable.


Many people donate cuticle hair to wig making companies. When the cuticle of the hair is smooth, natural light will be reflected, making the hair shiny, healthy, and smooth. Artificial hair lacks this cuticle, emits artificial luster, does not naturally reflect light, and lacks the silky texture of natural cuticle hair. Another advantage of using cuticle hair is that it has a wearing life of up to one year, and can be shaped without entanglement. If necessary, it can also color the hair to accurately match the natural hair. Alternatively, human hair and artificial hair without a complete cuticle are treated with the artificial outer layer, which is mainly made of silicone or acrylic acid. Although the price is low, it is a lower quality final product compared with natural cuticle hair. People are looking for a permanent wig to replace hair loss caused by disease or accident. They usually prefer natural human hair to artificial hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair can also be used temporarily because it is very cheap and can be made into shape. Natural hair extension is especially beneficial to people with severe hair loss.

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