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The Ultimate Guide To Help You Make Full Lace Wig

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Author : Isabella
Update time : 2022-01-21 08:04:01

How To Make A Full Lace Wig Step By Step

What You Will Need:

Wig Head;

Wig Stand;

Some T Pins;

A Wig Cap;

Stretch Elastic Band;

Some Wig Combs;

Needle And Thread;

A Pair Of Scissors;

Some Hair Bundles And A Lace Closure;

Step One Secure The Wig Cap


After putting the wig head on the wig stand, then put on the wig cap on the wig head and use some T pins to secure it, thus making sure it does not move around in the next process.

Step Two Sew In Hair Bundles


Once you have secured the wig cap, you can start to sew in the hair bundles. Firstly start at the back of the wig head and get as close to where the beginning of your ear would actually be. Then use a needle to bring the thick black thread down across the weft and make double knots at the end of the thread. Use thread and needles to sew the hair bundles into the wig cap from one side to the other following a semi-circle from around the wig head. When you reach the other side, fold over the hair weft to sew it down neatly and continue by stitching over to the other side of the head securely. Of course, you had better make sure so that it lays as flat as possible each time.

In the process of sewing, it would be better to anchor the weft to the wig cap with a double knot before you cut off any strings, which will be completely secure and sturdy.

Step Three Sew In Lace Closure


The next step is to position the lace closure onto the wig cap with some pins to hold it as tight as possible, you need to thread a needle and make double knots at the end to make sure it is secure. Hold the thread in your left hand and take the needle and thread to make it pass through lace and the weaving cap to stitch the full lace closure to the wig cap.

Repeat these steps until you reach the seam of the Brazilian hair bundles and the wig cap and sew the tracks as closely together as you can to eliminate any gaps until you only see tiny gaps between tracks.

There is no doubt that sewing with needle and thread is the safest method, but it definitely requires plenty of time. Of course, you can also use glue to attach these hair bundles and lace closure onto the wig cap. Although it is a quicker option, you must be careful with its intense heat.

Step Four Cut Off The Extra Lace


When you finish the sewing-in, it would be better to use a wide-toothed comb to brush hair back and use a hand tie to tie together at the back of the full lace wig human hair. Then take a pair of scissors to cut off the extra lace in the front along where the base of the hairline.

Step Five Add Elastic Band And Wig Combs To The Wig


Now, it is time to sew the wig combs and band. Take the full lace frontal wig off the wig head and use thread and needles to attach the elastic band and wig combs inside your wig along the bottom of the cap to assist you to install the full lace wig onto your head stably later. Don’t forget to sew at least one comb on either side of the head and at the back as well.

Until all work is finished, you can style your full lace wig human hair according to your preference.

There is no denying that it is exhausting, time-consuming, and challenging to create a full lace wig human hair by yourself. If you are unskillful or inexperienced, you will waste a lot of hair and material during the process. After all, it really takes too much time to become a good wig maker with good making skills. Therefore, if possible, you had better choose to put the faith in professional wig makers and get one from a reputable store or brand instead.

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