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How Do You Cut Bangs On Curly Hair?

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Update time : 2022-01-21 08:00:24

Before you get started, get your hands on the following supplies:

Hair shears;

Some clips or elastics;

A rattail comb for parting;



Step 1: Wash Hair And Let It Dry

Before cutting curly hair, you should always make sure it’s completely dry. Cutting curly hair while it is wet is always a game of chance – when it dries, it can shrink up to 70% and leave you with itty-bitty micro bangs. To avoid this problem, please make sure that you give your hair plenty of time to dry before you start snipping your hair strands.


In addition, it is also helpful to style your hair in the way that you’ll typically wear it before you start cutting. If you usually wash your hair before wearing, make sure to style your hair that way and then let it dry before you cut it, which will make it easier to create a look you’ll love.

Step 2: Create A Triangle Part


Once your hair is dry, take a rat-tailed comb to part a section of your hair into a triangle. The base of the triangle should run from the outer corner of each of your eyes and extend up toward the crown of your head. Then find the point where your head begins to slope forward to your forehead and use this spot as the highest point for your triangle.


1. The further back you place this topmost point of the triangle, the thicker your bangs will be. Therefore, it’s better to start front, especially if you have a naturally short face.

2. It’s best not to make the base of the triangle wider than the span of your eyebrows either, which will make your forehead look larger.


Step 3: Secure The Rest Of Your Hair

Once you have found the perfect triangle for your face shape, use clips or elastics to secure the rest of your hair out of the way to avoid accidentally snipping hair that you shouldn’t!

Step 4: Cut The Bangs


First of all, let the triangle of sectioned hair fall naturally so that it falls equally on either side of your nose. Take a single curl from the center of your forehead and find the length you would like, add a little extra (just in case), and take a snip.

Now repeat the same operations with the curls on either side, adding a little more length as you cut. Keep checking as you cut to compare each side of your face to make sure that the bangs taper equally on both sides. More importantly, you must compare the middle-most and outer-most pieces of hair from each side to make sure the lengths are equal. If you’re not satisfied with the final look, trim a little more once it is completely dry.

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