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How To Blend Dark Roots With Blonde Hair At Home

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Update time : 2022-01-18 12:05:33

Darking Your Roots With Hair Dye

There is no doubt that it is the longest-lasting method, but it also takes more time.

Things You Will Need:

Hair dye in the desired color;

Rat-tailed comb;

Dye applicator brush (optional);

Conditioner meant for color-treated hair;

Step One: Prepare Hair Dye

Empty the hair dye into the bottle of the developer, close the bottle, then shake it. You don’t have to dye your roots black. We recommend using a brown similar to your natural hair color, you can tell by looking at your eyebrows. If you don’t have brown hair or want a different shade, mix a flattering brown shade.

You could start with your dream shade of blonde. Of course, it can anything from platinum white to honey and golden tones.

Step Two: Separate Your Hair

Take a rat-tailed comb to part your hair down the center of your head. Brush your hair into 2 sections. Then take your comb to make a straight line from the back of your left ear up. Do this action on another side of your head until you have four even sections of hair.

Step Three: Apply The Hair Dye To Hair

You can use a dye applicator brush to apply the hair dye to four sections of hair. If you used an applicator brush, lightly feather the dye down your hair as far as you want. If you didn’t use an applicator brush, comb the dye downward using the handle of a rat-tailed comb.


1. The key to shadow roots is making sure it looks natural, so you don’t need to be very precise. Let some sections be more covered than others, it will blend in the end.

2. Once your roots are covered in the dark dye, please clip up the rest of your hair with care to avoid the ends covered in the dye. If so, rinse it out with hot water and shampoo quickly, which may not remove all of the dye, but will help fade it.

3. Drape an old towel or a hair dyeing cape over your shoulders to protect your clothes, just in case you get any drips.

4. Apply vaseline on the edges of your hairline, your ears, and all the way to your nape, which won’t bend easily and will be easier to take out the color when hair dye comes in contact with your skin.


Step Four: Wait For About 20 Minutes

Once you have applied all hair, wait for about 20 minutes and let the color develop. Or you can take a plastic bag and wrap it around your head in this process. It’s not necessary, but the bag will help trap the heat and speed up the process. Avoid tucking your hair under a shower cap, or you will risk getting dye on the ends of your hair.

Step Five: Rinse The Hair Dye Thoroughly

After about 20 minutes, rinse the dye out using cool to lukewarm water.


1. Cold water would be the best, but not everyone can handle that.

2. Avoid using hot water, as this will cause the dye to wash out.

3. Do not use any shampoo.

Step Six: Apply Conditioner To Hair

If your Hair dye kit included a tube of conditioner, please apply a generous amount to your hair now. If your kit did not come with a conditioner, it would be better to use a sulfate-free conditioner mean for color-treated hair. Leave the conditioner in your hair for 2 to 5 minutes, then rinse it out again.

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