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How To Make a Lace (Front) Wig For Beginners at Home

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Update time : 2022-01-18 12:02:22

How Can I Make My Own Lace (Front) Wig?

There was a time making lace wigs was a task difficult to achieve for an average person. Its manufacture was industrial or manual and before the tutorials available on the internet, it was difficult to say that we were going to start making our own wig. However, today, with the technical progress of the extension markets, this protective hairstyle has become one of the favorite hairstyles of women. Especially for those who are looking for something quick and convenient. Therefore the question that some women ask themselves is how to make their lace wig? Well! There are multiple ways to do this.

How to make your own lace wig? Do you want to create your own custom human hair wig? Concretely, how to succeed in sewing hair in lace? These are questions that we will answer in this article.

Process Of Making A Lace Wig at Home

The production of the wig remains the same everywhere. This is because lace wigs give a more natural look than most other types of wigs. Because they can be placed on wig caps.

Making a lace wig for everyday use can be complicated and expensive. So, if you decide to design your own, you need the right tools. In order to achieve a successful design, it is equally important to use appropriate materials.

1. Tools Needed for Making Lace Wig

Here is a small list of tools and accessories to design your wig. We need:

  • Mannequin head,

  • Sewing tape to take the measurements,

  • Cotton spikes, hammer, and ribbons,

  • Strips of cotton lace,

  • Water sprayer,

  • Ventilation needle

This practice is quite common. We assure you that you will not regret it. The hair will be very elegant with a nice movement. The main advantage of a wig is that you do not need to style it several times. When using a wig, there is no need to make monthly appointments with the hairdresser to take care of your soft hair.

After getting the tools, it is necessary to follow a few steps. Because these will allow you to have an idea of how to make your lace wig. So, let's start our manufacturing together.

2. Necessary Steps Before Designing Your Lace Wig

For the good design of a lace wig, it is important to choose:

Your Wicks That Will Make Up Your Wig

Natural hair has a pleasant texture to the touch and lasts longer. Unlike synthetic hair which can be damaged by coloring and heat. For a wig that will be worn every day, it is advisable to opt for natural hair, raw hair Oshun for example.

The Cap Of Your Wig

It is necessary to opt for a cap equipped with a mesh lining. Because it not only ensures the ventilation of the weave and your scalp but also prevents unpleasant odors.

A Polystyrene Head

The head of this mannequin will be an effective support for your weaving cap. So you can keep it on the spot and weave on it.

Essential Tools

A sewing needle, preferably made of black polyester, a pair of scissors, a blade, tweezers, your foundation, some hair care products, a tape measure to measure the head circumference and pins.

3. Designing & Making Steps Of Your Lace Wig

Wearing a wig from time to time for fun doesn't mean you don't have to worry about your hair. Do not forget to maintain and care for your hair before and after wearing your wig.

However, the design of a wig requires a few essential steps namely:

  • First of all, it is important that you hold the tape measure around the natural hairline and pass it where you want the wig to end. On the other hand, for the measurement of the head to be more accurate, it is necessary to fold your hair. Once the pattern is securely fixed, you will be able to place pins along the hairline again. Finally hold it at the hairline with pins.

  • Then trace the hairline with a marker. Put masking tape over the felt to prevent smudging or fading.

  • Place the pattern on support and hold it with pins.

  • Once it is secure, draw the entire hairline with small pins.

  • Smooth the lace towards the back of the master.

  • Hold it at the hairline with pins. Trace the lace to the back of the master. Hold the lace taut as you work on it.

  • Finally hold it at the hairline with pins. Once it is secure, draw the entire hairline with small pins.

4. How To Make a Ventilate Lace Cap on Your Wig?

If you want to make wigs, it is important to know what is the best method to ventilate the hair. Many people have made the effort to become familiar with the art of hair ventilation. Yet many wonder how and where they can use this skillful and innovative technique. Aeration of a wig is the technique by which the strands of hair are bonded to the base material of the wig.

  • To fix the hair on the lace, a ventilation needle is essential. So what is the purpose of a ventilation needle? Ventilation needles have hooks on top to introduce the hair into the lace.

  • Hold the cap on the wig stand. With the hair, form a knot so that you can easily pass the needle through the threads.

  • Once you have fixed the hair all over the cap, take a look at the hairline. Then take the hat out of its holder and try it on.

  • Once you have finished fanning the wig, you can cut off the loose ends of the lace. After you have finished fanning the wig, the excess lace should be trimmed.

Keep a small edge on the front to make it easier to put the wig on. This technique, combined with making wigs, can be very useful when applied in the most appropriate places.

How To Maintain Your Hair After Making Your Lace Wig?

It is indeed possible to make your lace wig at home with a little agility. However, the question here is how to maintain your hair after production. Therefore, here are some suggestions to help you maintain the appearance and beauty of your wig:

Before Washing

Mix a non-aggressive shampoo with warm water, then dip the wig in the water. Let the wig sit for 10 minutes or more. Conditioner, not only seals the hydration of the shampoo but also makes them shiny and radiant

When Drying

With a towel, dry your hair by tapping it gently. Then let them dry normally in a suitable place until most of the water has been removed. Avoid at all costs the friction of the strands against each other.

The hair should be air-dried preferably but you can use a hairdryer if you wish.

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