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How To Choose the Length & Number of Human Hair Bundles?

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True Length of Hair Weave Bundles

The length of the bundles should be measured from the root to the longest tip by stretching the hair if the strand is wavy or curly. At the same length, a smooth hairstyle will therefore seem longer than a curly hairstyle because of the curls.

A wick is measured from the seam to the longest tip. It is necessary to pull the wick well to have the exact length, especially when it comes to a wavy and curly wick. You should know that a 20-inch wavy bundle will not be the same length as a smooth 20-inch bundle. Therefore, if you choose wavy or curly extensions, always take into account this difference in length so as not to have an unpleasant surprise!

Length of Straight, Wavy, and Curly Hair Bundles

It goes without saying that the choice of the length of your 100% natural Brazilian hair weaves will be very important so that your hair responds well to your desire for a new cut!

Approximately a hairstyle with straight hair bundles in 12 inches will arrive at the shoulder; in 14-16 inches at the shoulder blade; in 18-20 inches in the middle of the back; in 24-28 inches on the lower back.

If the bundles are wavy (body wave) the difference in apparent length will be between 1 and 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) less, if the strands are curly or curly (deep wave, kinky curly, water wave) the difference can be up to 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm)

To obtain a gradient, you can mix strands of different lengths but close to maintaining a natural effect (12/14 inches 18/20 inches ...)

So it's perfectly normal for a 15-inch curly kinky curly to seem shorter than a smooth 15-inch. Some textures like Afro Curly weaving or Loose Wave are among the extensions that may seem the shortest. It's just that the curls are tighter, so the hair looks shorter, but you will get a very voluminous effect. 


How Many Hair Bundles (Strips) for Weaving on a Head?

It depends on the type of result you want, but here are our tips for buying the right amount of packages according to the length of the hair.


Bundle Length (Inches) / Width (Centimeter)

Number of Bundles for A Head

10" / 25cm

2 x Bundles

12" / 30cm

2 x Bundles

14" / 35cm

3 x Bundles

16" / 40cm

3 x Bundles

18" / 45cm

3 x Bundles

20" / 50cm

3 x Bundles

22" / 55cm

3 x Bundles

24" / 60cm

4 x Bundles

26" / 65cm

4 x Bundles

28" / 70cm

4 x Bundles

30" / 75cm

4 x Bundles

32" / 80cm

4 x Bundles


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