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How To Measure Your Head Size For A Wig

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Head Size For A Wig

Generally speaking, when the head circumference of the wig is larger than your own head circumference, the hair on both sides cannot fit with your scalp, and then the whole headcover is also larger than your own head, which will naturally make your head appear to be a circle larger.

If the size of the wig is too small, the wig will not wrap its head, so it is easy to slide outward. Although it will not fall when the clip is fixed, the force of sliding outward will always tear the clip, and then it will tear its scalp. If the size is only a little smaller, it's OK. At the beginning, there will be some strangulation. After a long time, the inner net of the wig will be slightly loosened, which is just right.

Moreover, in many people's cognition, head circumference refers to the length of one circle around the head. In fact, the measurement of head circumference is much more rigorous. Strictly speaking, head circumference is divided into three dimensions: head circumference, left and right depth of head circumference and front and rear depth of head circumference.

How To Measure Head Size For A Wig

Head Circumference: The circumference of the head refers to the length from the position of the hairline of the forehead, through the ears, to the depression of the back of the head, and finally back to the position of the hairline of the forehead to end a circle around the head.

Head Length: The left and right depth of head circumference refers to the length from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear.

Head Height: The front and back depth of the head circumference refers to the length from the forehead hairline to the hair root of the back of the head.

The above data shall be measured for 2 or 3 times.

Tips To Determine The Right Wig Size

The spot wigs we usually buy are generally divided into three sizes: small size, average size and large size.

These three sizes are fixed. The size of small size is head circumference 53, front and rear 33 and left and right 31, the size of average size is head circumference 55, front and rear 35 and left and right 33, and the size of large size is head circumference 57, front and rear 37 and left and right 35. However, our own head circumference is not as uniform as the above. We often see that the head circumference is large or even, but the front, back, left and right are small. For a head circumference of this size, there is basically no available wig. It is best to make a customized wig.


Another thing that often misleads people is that many people think that the wig size is inappropriate. Just adjust the adjustment button at the back. In fact, in many cases, adjusting the adjustment button is completely useless. When the difference between the head circumference size and the wig size is more than 1 cm, the adjustment buckle basically fails. Although the lower part will be tighter after adjustment, it will cause a big bag in the inner net of the upper part, which is very unnatural.

Therefore, we have always believed that the most basic thing in selecting wigs is to have appropriate size, regardless of modeling, hair quality, technology, etc. as long as the size is not appropriate, no matter how well they are made, they can't wear them.


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