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Machine Made vs Handmade Wigs, What is the Difference and Which One is Better?

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Machine Made vs Handmade Wigs, What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

Machine-made hair wig, or weft, refers to wigs made by machines with the sew-in hair, they are generally mass-produced in a short period of time, which makes them economical. While handmade hair wig is made by workers, they are lightweight, comfortable, and look like your natural hair. 

1) The hair roots of hand-tied wigs are independently woven on the inner net one by one. Naturally, like our own hair, they grow on our heads one by one. In this way, it is easier to take care of them. Its whole trend can be changed according to your care. It will be very fluffy, The hairstyle effect will be very three-dimensional.

2) Handmade wigs will be very comfortable when wearing because it can be very light and thin because it only needs one layer of net bottom. It is all attached to all hair on this layer of net bottom. The net bottom should only be thin enough, mainly light enough and breathable, The whole hairpiece and the whole wig will be very thin and breathable.

3) Machine-made wigs have a layer of the inner net first. If it is outside the inner net, it is tied on the bottom net layer by layer in the form of a hair extension, so it is equivalent to having a bottom net first, and then a layer of hair curtain. In this way, its air permeability will be worse than that of fully hand-tied wigs. In addition, it will be thicker.

4) Machine-made wig uses hair extensions or hair weft, one hair weft by one. If it is crocheted, its hair extensions will face which side the hair curtains face. In this way, when you are cutting, It will be difficult for you to change his shape in later management.


Are Hand Tied Wigs Always More Expensive Than Machine Made Wigs?

1) If some high-end products adopt half-hand tie technology, such as full hand tie technology at the seam, and the rest adopt machine-made, it may also be more expensive than this kind of full handmade wigs.

2) The components and materials of the wigs matter more. The first is the hair quality. The half-hand tie hair may use braided hair. If it uses braided hair, it is fine in the handwoven part, and the other woven parts need to be improved in technology, In fact, its overall sense of value is higher than those hand-tie hair pieces with poor hair and random hooks. Its cost is even higher, and its price will naturally rise.

3) Machine-made and hand-made are only two kinds of process methods. In these two wig-making methods, some are better and some are worse. When we choose, hand made are generally better than machine-made, but some machine-made products may be more expensive than poor hand weaving, which is reasonable.

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