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Can You Bleach and Dye Your Wig

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Can You Bleach and Dye Your Wig?


Generally, synthetic wigs can’t be bleached and dyed, while human hair wigs are made of real hair or virgin hair, so they can be dyed. However, wigs made of human hair should be maintained properly, and do not dye too much, so as to ensure the service life of wigs.

Many wig wearers know that wigs can be trimmed or dyed, but they don't know that wigs can also be bleached and dyed. But not all wigs can be bleached and dyed. What are bleaching and dyeing? Bleaching and dyeing is a kind of dyeing method when you want to dye some lighter colors, you need to use liquid medicine to bleach the melanin in your hair, make your hair golden, and then dye it. However, bleaching and dyeing are generally not recommended, because bleaching and dyeing are very harmful to hair. Compared to regular hair dyeing, bleaching and dyeing hurt the hair more, hair with better hair quality can feel the deterioration of hair quality after bleaching. 


Tips for Bleaching and Dying Hair Wigs


We generally recommend that you dye the color darker when you do bleaching and dyeing, because the color of your hair will fade slowly after bleaching and dyeing, and will eventually fade to yellow, which can last for a few months at most. If you dye the color deeper, the fading speed will be slower, and the color will be more beautiful.

1. When bleaching, you can put some conditioner in the ointment to reduce the damage to the hair to a certain extent.

2. The fading speed of the wig is faster than that of your own hair. Pay more attention to the actual operation.

3. Generally, the color of the wig can only be bleached once, and the best-braided hair can't be bleached more than twice at most, otherwise, it will break the hair.

4. When dyeing, you can apply a conditioner on the simulated scalp position and inside the inner net to prevent the color of the dye cream from dyeing on the scalp.

5. The coloring speed of wigs is also different from that of their own hair, which should be distinguished from normal hair dyeing.


Tips and Tricks for Dying Hair Wigs


1. Before dying, apply conditioner to the flesh color area of the wig, that is, the simulated scalp, on both sides of the scalp and the inner net. Because the bottom net of the simulated scalp area is hooked with silk cloth, it is easy to stick the dye paste and color. After the color is applied, the wig scalp area will be very ugly together. Therefore, the hair conditioner plays an isolation role here, which can separate the simulated scalp from the dye paste, so as to minimize the probability that the dye paste will stain the simulated scalp of the wig. As for other black breathable mesh areas, you can not apply conditioner, because black is not easy to be dyed, and even if it is dyed, it will not be exposed at ordinary times, so it will not have any impact without protective measures.

2. When dyeing, we must pay attention not to brush the dyeing paste directly from the hair root, and at least leave 0.5cm long hair at the hair root. This 0.5cm hair can not be brushed with dye paste, which can ensure that the dye paste does not directly contact the scalp of the wig, but also in order not to stain the scalp of the wig. The coloring speed of wigs is faster than that of our own hair dyeing. It is possible that the hair brushed with dye paste in front has begun to be colored, and the hair behind has not been brushed with dye paste. At this time, you can take a small watering can, pour some cold water, and spray the colored hair in front, so as to reduce the temperature of the wig, slow down the coloring speed and make the final color more uniform.

3. After the wig has a good color, get it under the faucet and wash it directly as soon as possible. Don't wash it with a basin. Be sure to wash it. Wash all the dye cream on your hair, even if it's done.

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