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How To Dye Black Virgin Hair (Extensions & Wigs) To Blonde?

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                                How to Lighten Black Virgin Hair Bundles & Wigs?

Want to lighten your brand new black virgin hair extension, wigs, or lace frontal? It is not hard to do it by yourself at home, as virgin hair is easier to bleach and dye because it contains no color or chemicals from previous dyes. So here we will go over how to lighten black virgin hair to achieve an ash blonde. To achieve this, it is necessary to clarify it first before we can apply the tone we want to achieve.

Items You Will Need

*Wide tooth comb



*Discoloration kit

*Tincture box

Steps To Lighten Black Virgin Hair To Blonde

*Remove tangles from your hair with the wide-tooth comb. Working on a smooth surface makes the dyeing job easier.

*Part your hair into four equal sections. Use the hair clips to hold three of them up so they don't get in the way.

*Mix the contents of the bleaching kit according to the instructions written on the container. Add the liquid color and bleaching powder to the bottle containing the developer, and shake well with your gloves on. For thicker and longer hair, use two bundles.

*Cover the remaining section of hair with the bleach, working it with your fingers. Start at the roots, and work your way through your hair to the ends. Avoid rubbing the bleach into your scalp.

*Loosen the sections of hair one by one and spread the bleach until you have covered all the hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Your hair will begin to lighten and turn a coppery orange color.

*Rinse off the bleach with warm water until it starts to run clear. Squeeze out the excess water and apply a deep conditioner. Leave it on for about five minutes before rinsing it off.

*Air dry the hair, and part the hair into four sections once more. Put on a new pair of gloves, and mix the contents of a packet of ash blonde dye. You can do this immediately after bleaching because it no longer lifts the hair color, it just deposits it and it won't damage it.

*Cover the first section with dye and repeat over the other three sections until all of the hair is saturated. Massage the dye with your fingers. Twist your hair up, roll it up high on your head, and leave it that way for 30 minutes.

*Rinse the tincture off with warm water, and apply conditioner. Rinse out the conditioner and style your hair as usual.

Tips & Warnings

*Use a towel and old clothes while coloring your hair, as they can get stained.

*Do an allergy test on a small portion of your scalp before coloring.

*Use the tincture in an area with good ventilation.

*Do not apply bleach or color if your scalp has wounds and is damaged.

As you can see it is not very difficult to lighten black virgin hair to make it blonde. You just have to follow the procedure that we have detailed. However, you should also know that you can choose a much simpler option, which is to buy blonde extensions and modify the shade a little with a color bath. This option is less aggressive for the hair of the extensions. Therefore, they would last longer than if you bleached some black extensions. The bleaching process can shorten the life of your extensions. On, you can easily wholesale blonde virgin hair bundles at the best prices.

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