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Lace Frontal vs Closure - What's the Difference Between Closure Wig and Frontal Wig

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What is a Lace Closure?

A lace closure is basically a 4*4-inch hairpiece placed on the horseshoe area of the head to close the style, but the size can be slightly smaller or larger. A lace closure will not cover your head from temple to temple. A closure is only going to sit in the middle of your head, it will give you four inches of parting face across the front of your head and four inches of parting space from your hairline to the middle of your head. A closure wig is easy to take on and off, it’s suitable for clients who do very low maintenance and who don’t want to do it a lot to their hair. There are different types of lace closure, such as transparent lace closure, HD lace closure, and more. 


What is a Lace Frontal?

A frontal is a half wig that’s from ear to ear, so the whole frame is covered. Lace frontal wigs come in sizes 13*2, 13*4, and 13*6-inch, the most popular one is 13*4, which means 13 inches from ear to ear and 4 inches of parting space from front to your apex. A lace frontal is a piece of Swiss lace material that has hair hand-tied to the ladies to create the illusion of a scalp. You can literally part a frontal anywhere you want to, they can be fixed in different ways and you can hold the hair back. The frontal is attached to the hairline to mimic the human hairline and make the wig look realistic. A lace frontal is used when you want to change the hairline and people who have thinning edges. 


Lace Frontal vs Closure - What’s the Difference Between Closure Wig and Frontal Wig

1. Size. The easiest way to distinguish between a lace frontal and a lace closure is the size. Frontal wigs are typically 4*13 inch while standard closure wigs are 4*4 inch, even though they also come in other sizes, lace frontal is generally larger than closure. 

2. Look. Lace closure only goes in one section of your head, while lace frontal goes ear to ear to give you a full look. 

3. Purpose. A lace frontal can provide the most styling options while closures are the common choice for simple looks. If you are comfortable with wearing the same style, go with the closure wigs, but if you want to switch your hair a little bit, the frontal is better. 

4. Price. A lace frontal is usually more expensive than a lace closure. Lace frontal often cost you between $80-$200 on the market, as a wholesale hair bundles and wigs vendor, HonestHairFactory.Com offers exquisite Transparent Lace Frontal hairpieces and HD Lace Frontal with the lowest cost and best quality. 

5. Installation. Lace frontal wigs are generally bonded in place and lace closures are sewn into place. 


Closure wig vs Frontal wig, which one should you choose? The versatility of closure wigs is a little bit more limited than with a frontal wig, if you are someone who only wears a side part, you are not going to pulling your hair back, you are not going to put it behind your ear, you are not going to put it up in a ponytail, that’s how you always wear your hair and you don’t want anything else, then you should go with closure, then you can save a little bit of money instead of using a frontal. However, if you are someone who enjoys versatility, then you probably want to go for a frontal, maybe one year or two years later, you may want to revamp your wig and do something different with it, such as change your part, add some color, etc. 

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