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How To Branding Your Hair Business - Luxury Branding Technique To Promote Your Hair Business

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The Illusion Of Social Media Presentation

Take a more high-end luxury virgin hairline versus another more affordable virgin hairline. pull up their social media pages, you can see that with the affordable one, it gives you more of the girl next door feel, on their social media page, you can see that they're selling hair, showing you different hairstyles, most of the pictures are close up and it looks like the girl can be your neighbor, your local small YouTuber, like any of those things when you're looking at the page. then take look at the luxury brand, one thing you notice right away is they have celebrities, the biggest hair influencers, and they're selling you a lifestyle. so they don't have a lot of the close-up hair pictures, hair tutorials, they're presenting the lifestyle of models, the way she looks in it, they're showing you the nice outfits, etc. so they are giving you more of an upscale type feel, makes you feel like if you are buying their hair, you will be feeling the same way. Comparing a luxury brand wig versus an affordable brand wig, the ways these two brands make you feel. so if you get the affordable one, by looking at the pictures, it tells you you will have a cute hairstyle. on the other hand, the luxury brand over here, when you look at their hair, it makes you feel empowering.

The Price Range

When you go to the affordable brand, their social media page, it's already giving you a discount, letting you know that the hair is very affordable, you can take this amount off, and then when you go to the website, more discounts. even the feel of the products on the website, it has more cheap, the way the products are set up. Then when you come over to the luxury brand, its website is not advertising sales. you can sign up for their email list, but it's not something popping out screaming sales. you can tell if a professional designed the website, it's all put together, the brand wig is very well intact. it looks luxurious, it looks nice versus the other one. the cheap one looks they threw the products on there.

Influencer Marketing

Choosing the right marketing for your luxury brand wig. because with the cheap ones, we see that they pretty much have everything inside. everything is they don't have any huge influencers, it doesn't look luxurious. but if you want to have the hair that Nicki Minaj has, you would go to the luxury brand she’s promoting, and that’s how you can sell out every wig on your website, even if your brand has a small target 500 dollar limit. when you're building your brand and choosing between affordable and luxury, if you're going to put all the time and energy into your brand, as far as the influencer marketing or the feel of it, if you want to have a luxury brand, you need to take into consideration all of it. a lot of people say they have a luxury brand because their hair products are good, but then when you go to their web page, it looks more girl next door. when you think of a luxury brand, you don't think of sales or something that looks cheap, you need to make sure when you have a luxury brand wig, you're thinking Dior, Gucci quality. you can't say that you have a luxury brand, but you're doing everything yourself and you're at a beginner's level. to have a luxury brand, you need to invest in your business on a whole new level. your prices need to line up with being luxury, you can't go to a Mercedes for a luxury vehicle and expect to get Ikea prices, that is not how it works.

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