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Twenty Inspirations From Celebrities To Style Your Baby Hairs

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Update time : 2022-01-12 12:01:16

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman


Different from typically brushing the baby hairs forward, Zendaya mixes it up by creating an upside-down U-shape and matches it with a finger wave hairstyle, which gives us a vintage-glam moment. Do you want to achieve a similar look? Now take a toothbrush and mist the ends with a medium to firm hold hairspray and then gently begin to mold the baby hair into place.

Tessa Thompson


At an event for her film Little Woods, Tessa Thompson rocked long silky pigtail braids with slicked-back hair on the scalp. More importantly, finessing her baby hairs in a soft spiral adds a spunky edge to the classic pigtails, gives people a cool, elevated, and elegant feeling.

FKA Twigs


If you have long baby hair, why not consider designing a more dramatic pattern like FKA Twigs? Just take a favorite toothbrush to slick your baby hairs with styling gel, then shape them into waves along the hairline of your head using a fine-toothed comb. Certainly, you can also create whatever pattern you desire.



As a goddess, Rihanna styled a section of her hair into a high, messy ponytail with loose hanged back, and even simply slicked baby hairs right into the high ponytail for a stylish look. What natural and beautiful! Follow her to seize the trend.

Joyjah Estrada



Just like the above picture, some rhinestones dot the ends of the model looped edges, accompanied by zigzag-parted cornrows parts done. We can't say one thing we don't like about this look. Although it's not a great look for beginners, it’s well worth a try for those who are willing to welcome up for the challenge.



For the 2020 American Music Awards, Ciara wore simple straight-back cornrows with long, wavy squiggles along both sides of her face, thus showing exuding charm.



When it comes to slaying baby hairs, Saweetie always perfectly understands the assignment. After all, she doesn’t call herself the baby hair princess for nothing. While this icy queen rapper styled her hair into a sky-high ponytail, with her edges shaped into long, snaking tendrils at the 2019 BET Awards, which resembled a goddess.

Janibell Rosanne


Beauty vlogger Janibell Rosanne ever styled her baby hairs into rainbow arches that scallop and gallop across her hairline before. If you don't like ornate style, nothing is better than trying this quick and easy way to lay down your edges. Simply apply some edge control to your baby hair and then use one handy toothbrush to create arches that flow back into your hairline.

Jennifer Lopez


Never one to shy away from her natural baby hairs, we all love how the singer paired her baby hairs with cornrows to design a perfect summer hairstyle. If you fall into this Jennifer Lopez look, please brush all your baby hairs forward as if you are trying to make wispy bangs. In the end, don't forget to use a 360 wave brush to create the curved ends.



When it comes to the glamour of the red carpet, nothing stands out quite like H.E.R.’s hair at the 2021 Oscars. The Grammy award winner is known for her signature style. This year is no exception. For instance, the wave hair peeking out from underneath her beaded veil is very perfect. Not to mention the perfectly slicked edges on the other side of her face. There is no doubt that the look is both effortlessly cool and glamorous.


she took the stage with her baby hairs sculpted along her hairline in a pretty wavy at the 2020 Grammys.

Tanaya Henry


No natural baby hairs? You can pre-make some baby hairs and use some bonding glue to place them onto your forehead, thus recreating Tanaya Henry's baby hair look on the above photo.

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