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What Is A zigzag Hair Part?

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Update time : 2022-01-12 12:04:21

What Is A zigzag Hair Part?

Zig zag part is another of the latest Y2K hairstyle revival. This ingenious but controversial style was bought back by TikTokers, celebrities such as Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid ZigZag

Pic From Bella Hadid (@bellahadid)

Similar to middle parting, the zigzag part can be achieved with many hair textures, straight hair, wavy hair, and braids. But unlike the middle part, the zigzag part focuses on the "Z" pattern.


Easy Way To Recreate Zigzag Style

1. Comb the hair back, then comb in vertically with the brush up against your scalp and move the comb up and down.

2. Hold the comb, and use your finger to pick up part of the brushed hair.

3. Then section the hair, you will get a zigzag style in minutes.


Things You Might Need To Finish A Nice ZigZag Part:

  • Edge Control

  • Rat Tail Comb

  • Hot Comb

How To Do A Zig Zag Part With Wigs?


1. Use a rat tail comb to take out portions of the front hair, and then separate the hair on one side.

2. Apply an edge control stick on the parting area to make sure the hair stays in place. Use the hot comb to make the hair lay smoothly.

3. The most important part is that section your hair in a different direction each turn while creating the section of the zig zag part.

4. Apply concealer to the zig zag part to make it look more natural.

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