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What Is A Hot Comb And How To Use It?

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Hot combs are one of the most common tools used to create much-loved and traditional hair trends. Recently, hot combs are being used again. For girls who have naturally curly hair and desire to straighten their hair, the hot comb is a classic way to do that. But as we all know, heat will damage your hair, so learning how to use a hot comb properly is necessary to enjoy the full potential of the tool. Here, we have put together everything you need to transform your natural hair into your ideal style in next to no time.

What Is A Hot Comb?


A hot comb, also called an electric straightening comb with a heat-resistant handle, is a styling tool used to make coarse hair smoother and frizz-free. It can be heated to the temperature you need and used to style hair from the roots down. What modern hot combs differ from earlier models is that modern straightening combs are heated with electricity and have ceramic heating elements and multiple temperature settings, while the traditional hit combs are heated on the stove.

hot combs

Who Invented The Hot Comb?


Actually it is difficult to make sure when the first hot comb was invented. It is said that the hot comb was an invention developed in France. And Parisian Francois Marcel Grateau invented and introduced heated irons to curl and wave his customers' hair in France in 1872, which made a big to hair styling. But Britain's Science and Society Library credits L. Pelleray of Paris with manufacturing the heated irons in the 1870s. besides, another argument is that Elroy J. Duncan invented and manufactured the first hot comb or heated metal straightening comb in America.

who invented hot combs

How To Use A Hot Comb?


If you want to enjoy the best results of an electric hot comb, there are a number of steps to follow. Generally, using it on your natural hair will not cause too many problems. We list the right steps to use a hot comb.

1. Comb And Wash Your Hair


It is the premise of getting a wonderful hairstyle. Washing your hair can help remove the tangles of your hair and make your hair smoother. And hair condition is one of the most important parts, as it reapplies moisture that may have been stripped during the shampooing. After washing your hair, remember to apply some hair conditioner. Wash the conditioner out a few minutes later to ensure that the hair is moisturized, or follow the directions on the bottle. Because using heat will make your dry and brittle hair prone to break, which is why it's important to make sure your hair is well conditioned.

wash hair

2. Dry Your Hair With A Towel


If you do have not enough time to leave your hair in the air and wait for it to dry completely. Instead, you can wrap your hair with a towel and take it off when it's no longer soaking wet. When towel drying, make sure not to rub the hair, which can cause breakage. As another substitute, you can blow dry your hair while detangling with a nozzle-comb attachment. Please be careful of heat, since the nozzle, although mostly equally distributing the heat, will require that more is used for the hair to become flat. Therefore, we recommend applying a heat protector and turning your blow dryer to its cool setting.

wrap your hair with towel

3. Section Your Hair Into 4 Parts


As we mentioned in the last part, apply some heat protectors on your hair before using a hot comb. Although hot combs won't damage the hair as much as straighteners, making sure your hair is protected well is essential to keep hair from possible heat damage that could cause it to be dry and brittle. Tie three of the regions away from the one you're working with, and then split that region in half. Bring the two halves of the first region together once both have been properly detangled with a wide-toothed comb.

4. Run The Hot Comb To Your Roots


To get the best results, run the hot comb as close to your roots as you can, but pay attention to avoid burning yourself. Make sure to only do half of the region. Go over it until it gets the straightness you want. Then repeat the process until you finish straightening all the parts of the hair.

Run The Hot Comb To Your Roots

5. After Care


After we have spent much time and energy styling our hair, we all want it to keep for a longer time, so apply oil, butter, or leave-in to the newly-combed hair. Olive oil, castor oil, or shea butter is recommended. And the heat will take away the moisture of your hair and make it dryer, so remember to moisturize thoroughly about twice a day. And please wrap your hair up in a satin or silk scarf or bonnet. And if you can, put it up in a pineapple at the top of your head to keep the style.



Different from traditional hot combs, modern electric hot combs can cut your styling time in half and are a gentler way of straightening your hair. They can be used on all hair types. Lower temperatures are better for fine or damaged hair, and higher temperatures are best for thick or coarse hair. But always remember to do some preparation before straightening your hair to keep your hair healthy.

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