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What Is The Best Grade Of Hair Extensions?

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The History Of Human Hair Grade

The hair grading system was created by some hair extension suppliers in the early 2010s as a way to determine the quality of hair sold to buyers and to set their companies apart from those that might have been selling lower-quality hair.


But there is no formal regulation for the hair grading system, many hair companies are not honest about hair quality. For instance, they may use top hair grades to sell you low-quality hair for a high price. It means it is difficult for you to ascertain whether the hair is actually as high quality as advertised until you get it into your hands.

In order to get the highest quality hair at an affordable price, you must learn about the different grades of hair extensions to avoid confusion and save some money in the long run.

Before being aware of the different grades of hair extensions, let’s quickly go over the most important hair extension types.

The Types Of Hair Extensions

There is 100% virgin hair, Remy hair, 100% human hair, and synthetic hair.

1. 100% Virgin Hair

It is the most expensive hair you can buy on the market, and it has the highest quality. It is human hair with all the cuticles going in the same direction which hasn’t gone through any chemical or mechanical processing.


2. Remy Hair

In fact, remy hair is also 100% human hair with all the cuticles going in the same direction. It is also of high quality that will last you for a long time. But it is chemically or mechanically processed.

3. 100% Human Hair

100% human hair has been stripped of its cuticles and might be chemically processed. Besides, it will not last as long as 100% virgin or Remy hair.


4. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is completely synthetic and often be considered low-quality hair that won’t last for a long time.

The Difference Between Hair Grades

With learning different types of hair, we will introduce what are 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A human hair one by one.

3A Grade Hair

It is low-quality hair that was not properly maintained by the donor and is very thin. Sometimes suppliers might add synthetic fibers or animal hair to the 3A grade hair.

Grade 3A hair is usually chemically processed and could have an unpleasant chemical smell. It has very thin, tapered ends that are often split. Such hair will shed, tangle, mat, and doesn’t look nourished. In fact, the color may not last more than a few washes.

4A and 5A Grade Hair

4A and 5A grade hair is a lower to medium hair grade that is great for hairstylist schools because of its budget-friendly price. Though it often comes in as a pure human hair type and it’s not Remy hair. Its cuticles are stripped or do not go in the same direction, and even it may be sourced from different donors.

Just like the grade 3A above, 4A and 5A grade hair is on a thin side. They will have a probability of tangling, matting and only last up to a month even if taken care of properly. Besides, lengths greater than 12 inches are not recommended. Otherwise, the hair might fuse with your own natural hair and it will be hard to get them out of your head. Grade 4A and 5A hair is of high maintenance and requires you to detangle.

6A Grade Hair

What is grade 6a hair? Grade 6A hair is 100% human hair or Remy hair which means all the cuticles go in the same direction. And 6A grade hair has a medium thickness so that you are allowed to dye it to the medium blonde level. Grade 6A hair extensions work on straight hair up to 18 inches and last for up to 8 months. There is no doubt that it is a budget-friendly option that is suitable for most women.

However, if you want curly hair or hair that’s longer than 18 inches, higher-grade hair is necessary.


7A Grade Hair

What is 7A grade hair? It is a great choice that will deliver good quality on a budget. Grade 7A is a high-quality Remy hair that has the cuticles intact. The hair is often referred to as “Double Drawn” since it is double weft to avoid shedding and tangling.

Not to mention this grade of hair extensions is thick, strong, and they can last for up to 12 months. Grade 7a virgin hair will shed and tangle much less than the other types and can be dyed according to your need.

Of course, we also recommend using a detangling shampoo at least once every three months. By doing this, you can reach a color that is as light as platinum blonde without causing much damage or dryness.

8A Grade Hair And 9A Grade Hair

Grade 8A virgin hair and 9A is 100% virgin human hair, which is pure human hair from a single donor. In addition, the hair is never processed in any way and has all cuticles intact. Naturally, the price of 8A and 9A extensions is high with a lifetime of 1.5 to 2 years.

Note: Theoretically, you can dye grade 8A hair and 9A hair to a completely white color. But if you dye or curl 8A grade hair or 9A grade hair, it may decrease the life expectancy of your hair extensions. It is much thicker than lower grade hair and has fewer short hairs mixed in the hair bundles. It will not tangle as much and is easier to maintain.

10A Grade Hair Grade

10A is the highest quality hair that you can buy on the market, and it’s also the most expensive you can ever have. It’s 100% unprocessed virgin hair and comes from donors with thick ends and strong structure. It can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need. Even Grade 10A hair will tangle and mat less than your own hair, it does not require much maintenance.

What Is The Best Grade Of Hair Extension?

Until now, we believe you have already learned all the information in detail about hair grade. If you want to use the best grade hair extensions, please try to purchase 10A hair. In order to get high-quality hair, we advise you to find a trusting brand and check the customer reviews either directly on the website, through google or YouTube, return policy, and so on in advance.

As a human hair supplier trusted by millions of girls and women, UNice Hair always provide the best 10A hair weaves in any length, color, texture. Besides, UNice Hair also offers all kinds of human hair wigs, such as high-quality HD lace wigs, affordable U part wigs, Glueless V part wigs, etc.

If you have any doubt, welcome to contact us directly.

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