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What Is The Difference Between Ginger And Auburn Hair?

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1. Ginger Hair


To be specific, ginger color is a very light red color that is seemingly blonde but has a red undertone, a bit like strawberry blonde. Slightly softer than the red-orange of the sunset, the ginger hair color is an eye-catching shade that can be used on its own or paired with subtle blonde highlights for a more stereoscopic style.

1.1 What Color Is Ginger Hair?

1.2 Is Ginger Hair Red Or Orange?

Although many people think ginger hair is actually red or orange, ginger hair isn’t either red or orange but is rather a spectrum that encompasses both shades.

1.3 Is Ginger A Rare Hair Color?

The word “rare” is somewhat subjective, but in all hair colors, we have to say that ginger is definitely less common compared to brunettes, blondes, and rich black. According to the survey, there are only one to two percent of people born with this ginger hair color in the world. 

1.4 What Skin Tone Suits Ginger Hair?

As we all know, the fiery hue can be tweaked to compliment almost any skin tone, not to mention it blends seamlessly with the maple leaf of autumn and all those comfy sweaters.

2. Auburn Hair

2.1 What Is Auburn Hair?


Auburn hair is a variation of red hair and is most commonly described as reddish-brown in color or dark ginger. In fact, auburn hair color ranges in shades, with the most popular tones being light, medium, and dark. Dark auburn hair can be seen as deep ginger, while light auburn hair may look orange.

2.2 Auburn VS Marron VS Burgundy Hair Color

Auburn encompasses the maroon color, but so too do chestnut and burgundy. In contrast with the two, auburn is more red in color, whereas chestnut is more brown, and burgundy is more purple; chestnut hair is also often referred to as “chestnut-brown”.

2.3 Is Auburn A Natural Hair Color?

It’s possible to be a natural redhead, but it’s also rare. In fact, only one to two percent of the global population is known to have natural auburn hair.

2.4 Is Auburn Hair Warm Or cool?

Although auburn color is sometimes considered a cool-toned color because of its slight blue undertones, auburn can be worn either cool or warm depending on your chosen shade. If you want warmth, opt for an auburn shade with coppery, golden undertones. If you prefer a cool tone, stick with the deeper shades with purple undertones.

2.5 What Skin Tone Looks Good With Auburn Hair?

Since auburn ranges in shades from light to dark and cool to warm, it can be customized to flatter any skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, ask your colorist for an auburn hue with cool undertones. For those with warm undertones, auburn shades with warm, copper undertones will work best.

3. Ginger Hair VS Auburn Hair

3.1 The Similarities Between Ginger Hair And Auburn Hair

3.1.1 Both of them have red undertones.

3.1.2 Ginger hair and auburn hair all are warm-toned hair colors.

3.2 The Difference Between Auburn And Ginger Hair

3.2.1 A red-heavy version of ginger hair works well for both warm and cool undertones, but those people with olive undertones (meaning that there is more green in their skin) should avoid it, as it might make their skin appear sickly. While auburn color hair suits almost all skin tones and eye colors.

3.2.2 Auburn and ginger are entirely different shades of red, and with the latter having a brighter, lighter finish and is perfect for fairer skin tones.

3.2.3 It is especially enjoyable to brighten up the hair in the summertime, but taking on ginger hair can actually work beautifully for autumn and winter. And auburn hair color is more suitable for the fall and winter season because it will bring a warm feeling to people.

3.2.4 Although we see ginger as a beautiful hair color that is in the red hair family, there are many common stereotypes in existence regarding redheads. For instance, a common belief about redheads is that they are savage, rough, eccentric, and grumpy. For women with red hair, Westerners will think they are more sexually attractive. But most of the time, this does not mean that redheads are more popular and respected.

4. Which Is Better, Ginger VS. Auburn Hair?

Ginger hair is exactly what you need if you’re in the mood for a serious hair color change that will brighten up your look!

Auburn hair is a magic pill for those people who are seeking to change their hair color and spice up their look, but keep things natural. Besides, it adds extra volume, make you look more outstanding and super stylish

5. How To Get Ginger Hair Or Auburn Hair?

Whether you want to get ginger hair or auburn hair, the hair color needs a certain amount of lifts to achieve an optional color base. It means if your hair is naturally black, you need to bleach your hair first and then use ginger hair dye or auburn hair dye to color your hair. Of course, the bleach and dye will cause damages to your hair more or less.

In order to prevent hair from damage, purchasing a ginger orange wig or auburn brown wig is an excellent option for you, which will be incredibly flattering on various skin tones.

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